Nintendo - Dirty & Beauty
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Kirby Triple Deluxe- Dirty & Beauty ~Vs. Queen Sectonia~

This track is fucking great by the way.

Like. Omg. I fucking LOOOOOOOVE THISSSSSSS. <3!!!


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I agree with you on the mario kart thing it kinda made me sad but don't stress out hun :)

It’s hard when your favorite game is slowly being destroyed.

Haha ur brave for postin that ur gonnna get alota hate be careful

Some people can’t handle the internet opinions. And so far, I haven’t!


getting kidnapped by day light~ baking cakes by moonlight~ never running from a smash fight, she is the one name sailor peach~!

So as if Mario Kart 8 wasn’t disappointing enough, they made it worse

This is just my opinion. So if you’re one of those baby whiners that if someone doesn’t agree with you, you have to rant and rage, fuck off.

Anyways, I was so excited. The ads on t.v and everywhere made me so excited to get Mario Kart 8. They advertised it to be like, the best Mario Kart out there. Only to get home and beat it within not even half a day. Seriously? Mario Kart 8 has no damn challenge whatsoever. That’s for starters.

The races are short. Boring. Races made for DS games really. They’re less vibrant to me. I just expected so much more. I do give them credit for the BRILLIANT ANIMATIONS. Good glorb it’s so greatly animated. You see all expressions and hits and such. Cool. But don’t use so much time on that and make the races so boring and short..

Removal of characters and special items really got me too. I’m OK with ADDING characters. By why remove some great ones? Why take out some great items to win against enemies? They reeeeeeally made this game too easy.

Though what got me reeeeeally pissed, was that I found out they’re adding characters such as Link! Animal crossing! WHAT THE HELL NINTENDO?? It’s called MARIO KART. MARIO KARTTTTT. Not Nintendo Kart!! Make a different game for all Nintendo characters racing then!!

Like… This is probably the only Mario game in the series I’m severely disappointed in. But again, this is just my own opinion. Nintendo for once let me down with a Mario product. And I’m not saying it’s the most horrible game ever. I do enjoy playing it. It’s just a lot of things piss me off about it. And it’s SUUUUUUCH a disappointment to me.


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everything you love is here